About Us

A long time ago, in a Galaxy not so far away, me (Steven) and Boston dreamed of owning our own shop. At that time it was selling comics, its evolved into selling collectibles, but the reason remained the same, to grow and spread the love of Nerd, pop, and collecting culture in a positive way. We loved going into our local comic shop and just talking nerd stuff, even if we didn't buy a single thing. We would always talk about what WE would do if we had our own store. Now finally that dream is a reality, welcome to Barrio Collectibles!

Barrio Collectibles is a collectible shop based out of Fresno CA. We sell an assortment of collectibles but specialize in Funko Pop! Barrio Collectibles gets its name from the culture we grew up in. When deciding on names we went through a list of things we liked. We eventually narrowed the list down by picking something from our culture, our Mexican American culture. Inclusion matters to us, from the Comics we read to the movies we watch. Being Minorities, seeing others that resemble us in the things we enjoy is something we look for. We hope to show those younger than us, those that resemble us, that grew up as we did, Si se puede (yes you can)